Targeted Training for Quality and EHS Systems

In any industry, maintaining the integrity of your Quality and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) systems is imperative. At DECAC LLC of Vermillion, Illinois, our experts have the knowledge and skill to provide integrated quality training programs for your company to ensure you are in compliance with the correct standards.

Training Solutions

An Essential Program

OSHA specifies that all safety training is the responsibility of the employer. This must be provided in order to comply with the appropriate regulations for safe company operations.

Our specialists are known for providing state-of-the-art, technology-based training solutions that simplify Quality and EHS compliance. We provide the complete fundamentals for procedures, techniques, skills, and the EHS knowledge necessary for your compliance with EHS and Quality standards or number of students>.

Training Expertise Capabilities

To ensure your company meets its long-term goals, you first need a strong, intelligent, and capable workforce. Our team of professionals trains your managers and employees in the standards that are applicable to their entity. For your convenience, we provide training at a flat rate of only $1,800 per day, all expenses are included no matter your location.

From EHS classes and basic quality training that encompasses all your disciplines to advanced techniques such as Six Sigma, lean, and risk management, we will create training modules that are flexible and allow for continual improvements along the way. Our associates also specialize in assessing your systems, determining if there are issues, creating the most effective solutions, and implementing any and all changes in your system.

Quality, Health, & Safety Certifications

At DECAC LLC, we do everything possible to gain our clients' trust in order to help them get certified in their appropriate field. We provide customized, accelerated training programs to ensure your business is up to code with the correct safety compliance standards and regulations, including:

• AS9100 - Aerospace Quality Management System Standard
• ISO9001 - Quality Management System Standard
• ISO13485 - Medical Management System Standard
• ISO14001 - Environmental Management System Standard
• OHSAS18001 - Safety Management System Standard

Contact us to ensure your company complies with all Quality and EHS management systems standards through our stratigic training programs.